Medical Collection Agency

Collection Bureau of America is a leading medical collection agency with services tailored to your needs.

Medical Bill Collection Agency

With over sixty years of medical collections experience, our expert team of medical bill collectors has a proven track record in healthcare collections. Nobody chooses to get sick, but when they do, medical services are critical. 

As an astute medical collection agency, we take a firm but compassionate approach with debtors. When collection agencies for medical offices are needed, it helps to work with a company that understands the importance of excellent patient relations. Our system is effective, allowing debt recovery to occur via flexible strategies with exceptional customer care at their core.  

We know that we could be the third or fourth party involved by the time a medical claim reaches our office. Therefore, working with the utmost professionalism, our team liaises with your debtors and collects payments while maintaining an excellent patient relationship at all times.

Our process involves a fully HIPAA-compliant system. We also use the latest technology to provide customized reporting and digital payment solutions for our clients and their debtors. We implement a policy of ‘preserving human dignity’ when dealing with all of our medical collections.

Who We Serve

We work with clinics, medical billing firms, medical practices, imaging centers, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, labs, and a range of other medical specialties.

Over the last sixty years, we’ve worked with some of the leading medical healthcare providers in the U.S., representing companies and retrieving debts from all over the country.

We work with clinics and practices of all sizes, from specialized medical facilities to large hospitals and organizations.

Medical collection agencies employ a variety of tools and tactics to recover delinquent debts, including these activities:

Routine Phone Calls:

Although demand letters are issued as a formal process to provide leverage in case creditors have to sue for a balance owed, phone calls are the most common way Medical debt collectors will try to communicate with debtors.

Certified Demand Letters:

A formal demand letter is one of the first actions taken during B2B debt collection. These letters include a statement of the balance, information regarding how much needs to be paid, and a due date for the payoff.

Balance Payoff Negotiations:

Sometimes, B2B creditors authorize medical debt collectors to negotiate payment arrangements with their clients. These negotiations may include installment plans or discounted payoffs if the balance is cleared in full.

Medical Debt Collection:

How Does It Work?

Credit collection services for medical clients follow an efficient and effective process. Here at Collections Bureau of America, our debt recovery process follows best practice guidelines and regulations.  This process is outlined here:

  • Step One: You Notify Our Team of Non-Payment

    Once notified, we contact your debtor using a strategy involving letters, phone calls, and emails where appropriate.

  • Step Two: We Evaluate the Collection Progress

    Working closely with your debtor and you, we develop a collection strategy best suited to the situation. This could include:
    • A payment plan based on the debtor’s financial situation
    • Legal action
    • Continuous monitoring of the debtor

  • Step Three: We Liaise with Liquidators of the Debtor

    We develop and implement a strategy best suited to each collection situation. This could involve creating a repayment plan, liaising with the receivers, or taking legal action.

  • Step Four: Payment

    We reimburse our clients directly with debts collected from their debtor, either in stages, in part, or in full.

Commercial collection agencies employ a variety of tools and tactics to recover delinquent debts, including these activities:

We’re Fully Compliant

The debt collection industry is stringently regulated. For this reason, we ensure that we exceed regulatory standards. We’re fully-licensed and compliant with HIPAA, PCI TCPA, FDCPA, and FCRA.

We’re Nationally Licensed and Bilingual

Our managers and agents speak multiple languages, helping to streamline communications with non-English speaking clients. We’re nationally licensed, meaning we pursue commercial collections on behalf of our clients throughout the U.S.

We Embrace Technology

We use all the latest platforms, web security, and cloud solutions. Therefore, you can rest assured that we’re technologically up-to-date and that all your customer data is fully secure.

We Believe in Business Continuity

We implement daily backups across our website and online portals. With a 99.9% uptime track record across our online portfolio, we’re always here to process payments and service our clients’ needs.

Medical Debt Collection Agency: Solutions and Benefits

Working with dedicated healthcare collection agencies can prove essential to the financial health of your medical practice. Medical collections agencies provide a range of solutions that help healthcare companies recover debts.

Our solutions help medical companies to:

Expedite Collection Rates

We employ assertive and consistent methods of recovering outstanding medical debts, ultimately leading to a high success rate.

Collect Documentation

Whether payment collection has been completed or we’re still contacting a delinquent borrower, all our collection efforts are recorded.

Leverage Expert Assistance

We hire and train professionals who are experienced in collecting overdue medical payments. Our team uses proven techniques, maximizing the collection process and giving you a more substantial chance of collecting your outstanding balances.

Free-Up Time and Resources

Medical collections agencies help increase work productivity, reduce the likelihood of burnout, and lighten your employees’ workload.  You and your employees can concentrate on running your facility and providing patient care rather than debt collection.

Healthcare Collections: The Professional Help You Need

Medical collection companies provide a significant asset to healthcare providers struggling to recover debts. With over six decades of medical collections experience, we are experts in this niche. As a result, we provide high debt recovery rates and world-class service. Although we’re based in California, we’re a nationwide debt collection agency licensed to pursue outstanding medical debts in all fifty U.S. states. 


We’re aware that medical bill collections can be tedious. The process involves compiling a wealth of numeric information concerning unpaid debtors, negotiating with insurance companies, and executing extensive follow-ups via mail, email, and telephone to increase the chances of a successful payment.

We understand that for smaller healthcare providers, organizing, targeting, and chasing debtors can sometimes be impractical and detrimental to other areas of your business. To recover debts effectively, your employees would have to spend their working hours contacting patients on top of completing their daily tasks.  Even if your practice has a great team, these extra tasks can often be too time consuming.

We use advanced resources and tools to streamline the collection process. These resources, combined with our experience and training, increase the percentage of medical debts recovered.

Using specialized software, we can assess priority patients based on how much they owe and their likelihood of paying. Our strategic approach allows us to work more effectively and efficiently.