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Collection Bureau of America


Collection Bureau of America, Ltd. (CBA) was founded and has been a privately-held corporation since 1959. We are a Minority Owned Business (MBE) certified through the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) as well as a State of California certified small business and are licensed / authorized to collect in all 50 states.

50 States

Our History

CBA is an industry leader because of the following distinct, competitive advantages:

  • Our commitment to excellence in customer care;
  • Our nationwide scope, complimented by a vested local commitment to the California economy and workforce;
  • Our hands-on ownership and management that has over 100 years of combined experience recovering a wide range of debts types – Utility, Municipal, Medical, Commercial, Cable and Bottled Water;
  • Our flexible recovery strategy that is customized to our clients unique business and customer care needs;
  • Our partnership approach that extends our clients’ recovery methods and procedures to be paralleled by CBA, so that their customers experience the same high-level of customer care at every stage of the recovery process;
  • Our dedication to compliance, which is the cornerstone to upholding CBA’ strong industry reputation.

Scope - CBA’s nationwide scope is a competitive advantage because it allows us to collect for national clients with customers across the United States. No matter where the customer moves, CBA has the ability to contact them in their state of residency to work with the customer regarding their account. Having a substantial national market penetration across the United States, CBA can allocate resources for collection efforts that apply to all markets because we have active, current and ongoing collection efforts in every state.

Diversity - Collection Bureau of America (CBA) is a privately-held, diverse, minority-owned accounts receivable management firm. Since 1959, CBA has specialized in collecting consumer and commercial debts, both locally in California and nationally. CBA’s headquarters and local office is in Hayward, California. CBA has been located at this custom-designed twenty-four thousand square foot collection-oriented facility since 2000. This facility was built to accommodate the unique needs CBA has as a customer-service oriented collection center. Features such as elevated management workstations, inviting lobby area, and vibrant work interiors align CBA’s facility more closely to our clients’ facilities, unlike a prototypical collection facility, so CBA can achieve the client’s level of professionalism and customer care that comes through with each call we make.


Approach – CBA’s extensive experience and deep understanding of a clients’ collection portfolio is a unique, competitive advantage that has been achieved by retaining experienced management staff, developing specialized training and fostering precise employee skillsets that produces successful results. Results are not just measured by dollars collected, but also by other factors such as positive customer interactions, being able to show respect at all times, and having the compassion to be able to recognize a challenging financial situation that can be resolved to have a mutually beneficial outcome for the customer, our client and CBA. CBA’s in-depth knowledge of the complexities of financial collections derived from our over fifty years of experience which results in the highest levels of customer satisfaction combined with maximized recovery rates.


Professional associations

Collection Bureau of America is an active member / vendor of the following associations:

  • ACA (American Collectors Association)
  • ACA Government Services Program
  • ACA Healthcare Services Program
  • CAC (California Association of Collectors)
  • California Municipal Revenue Tax Association
  • Hayward Chamber of Commerce
  • Certified California Small Business
  • County of Alameda Small, Local and Emerging Business (SLEB)
  • Certified Minority Business Enterprise through the California PUC

How do we help?


Medical Collections

B2B Collections

Collection Bureau of America is a full-service debt recovery firm providing a wide range of services:

Account billing and invoicing services

CBA receives itemization of all charges and then generates bill copies or invoices out to clients' customers. This service is performed as a price per account format.

First party recovery programs

CBA collects in the name of our client, utilizing their letterhead, envelopes and phone numbers. This service is performed as a price per account format.

Accelerated recovery programs

CBA provides third party debt collection services for only a short duration, then the client moves the account on to a different strategy. This service can be performed as either a price per account or in a commission-based format.

Third party debt collection services

CBA collects all debts as a third party, working with our clients’ customers to resolve the outstanding debt through payment in full, payment plans, charity care, mediation and resolution of disputed items. Included in these services are comprehensive skiptracing, information analysis and cleansing, and bankruptcy and deceased processing. Third party services can be performed as primary placement, secondary placement, tertiary placement and/or warehousing placement of accounts. This service can be performed as either a price per account or as a commission-based model.


We like to keep it simple, secure, and harmonious.

Full Service Call Center

Full Service Call Center

Seamlessly managing inbound and outbound contact ability with a state of art dialling and telephony solutions

Nationally Licensed

Nationally Licensed

We are a nationally licensed professional debt collection agency. We service clients and customers across the United States.



Our licensed agents and managers speak multiple languages, minimizing communication barriers with customer contacts



We run on the same platform as many of today’s largest companies so you know we’re up-to-date and that your customer data is secure.



FDCPA, PCI, HIPAA, TCPA, FCRA. The debt collection industry is heavily regulated and our quality assurance team ensures we are exceeding regulatory standards.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Multiple sites, daily backups, 99.9% up time. We can keep going, while others can’t.


See what our customers say about our services

Energy & Utility Colleagues, I have had the good fortune to work with Shawn (CEO) and his company Collection Bureau of America for over 12 years. Back in the mid 2000's I was a VP responsible for $1B in revenue management - spanning roughly 1MM customers. Shawn and his team at CBA played a critical role in helping me ensure we maximized the recovery of our most at-risk receivables, proving so successful that I consolidated all 3rd party collections under his organization. CBA proved themselves to be uniquely innovative and highly competent in their approach, leveraging technology and process to increase collection rates to previously unattained levels. Moreover, they did so while minimizing litigation risk and while partnering with us in every sense of the word. I seldom endorse companies on LinkedIn, but I offer this endorsement without reservation. If you are responsible for credit and collections in your organization, and if you're not already partnered with CBA, I encourage you to reach out directly to Shawn and learn more about CBA's culture, capability, and commitment to client success. Or...call me!

Derek Somerville

Chief Executive Officer at Sure Power Consulting

I lost my husband a little over 3 years ago and had a medical balance due after the "dust had settled." I could afford only a certain amount on a monthly basis that was due on the 1st of each month. I was fortunate and worked closely with one CBA representative personally. She made my horrible journey (as I was reminded of this sad time each month) such a pleasant experience that over time, I looked forward to hearing her cheerful voice on the phone. She made me feel like a human being and truly made my experience such a pleasant one by her kind demeanor and graciousness. I've never had to engage with working with a collection agency, but I must say, my take away was nothing short of exceptional. I would highly recommend Collection Bureau of America.

Michelle Spanek


During this stressful time I would like to thank you for your professionalism in resolving this issue, and thank you for your speedy response.
Hope your day goes well, and in a perfect world we will not be doing business again.



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